Trapped at Home

‚ÄčMy husband and I love to dance, listen to live music, visit with friends, and be on the go.  For several years I have had a stomach / digestive problem that was making it almost impossible to do the things we loved.  In order to do the very simple tasks like grocery shopping, I was forced to take several doses of Pepto-Bismol and then live with the side effects of that medicine.  

When my friend Tanya sent me her story by e-mail, something clicked in my spirit and I knew that if LIMU and its super nutrient Fucoidan could help her, it could help me too.  Convincing my skeptical husband was not quite so simple.  However within a week or two Rex was able to  research the company and the Fucoidan and we were on our way to changing our lives FOREVER.  

Within 2 weeks I was showing incredible improvements.  My husband's blood pressure began to come down, he was able to stop taking his acid reflux medicine, his cholestrol levels improved and we both could see remarkable improvements in our arthritis pain.

The most dramatic change in our lives was the change that LIMU has made for our son.  Jon had been suffering with depression for 4 years.  He had not been able to sleep more that a few hours at a time and his whole immune system was being effected.  When he began to take the LIMU original and the BluFrog, he began to sleep through the night without waking.  He began to truly enjoy life again.  To hear my son's laughter as he visited with our family was music to my ears and to my heart.  

We could not help but share with our friends all the things that LIMU had changed in our lives.  As we shared, we began to receive checks from the company.  Not just a monthly check but weekly and monthly checks.  We are beginning to see that this company is offering us not only a healthy lifestyle, but financial freedom as well.  Please e-mail me if you want more information.